Astroparticle physics is undergoing a phase of profound transformation. We have recently obtained extraordinary results such as the discovery of high-energy cosmic neutrinos with IceCube, the direct detection of gravitational waves with Ligo and Virgo, and we have witnessed the birth of multimessenger astrophysics.

Yet we have formidable challenges ahead of us: understanding the nature of dark matter and dark energy, elucidating the origin of cosmic rays, understanding the matter-antimatter asymmetry problem, and so on. These are highly interdisciplinary problems that have ramifications in cosmology, particle, and astroparticle physics, and that are best addressed by a strong and diverse community of scientists.

The European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory (EuCAPT) aims to bring together the European community of theoretical astroparticle physicists and cosmologists.


Our goals are:

  • to increase the exchange of ideas and knowledge;

  • to coordinate scientific and training activities;

  • to help scientists attract adequate resources for their projects;

  • to promote a stimulating, fair and open environment in which young scientists can thrive.

Steering Committee:

Gianfranco Bertone, Director

Philippe Brax

Vitor Cardoso 

Gian Giudice 

David Langlois 

David Marsh

Silvia Pascoli

Antonio Riotto

Subir Sarkar 

Andrew Taylor

Piero Ullio

Licia Verde