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Workshop sponsorship

EuCAPT seeks to play an active role in sponsoring impactful international workshops on the most exciting new developments in astroparticle theory and cosmology.

Our sponsorship includes:


  1. Access to funds to support the participation of EuCAPT members in the workshops (over 120 institutions in Europe are part of EuCAPT). Note that priority for such funds will be given to early career researchers. 

  2. Access to EuCAPT’s dissemination and outreach platforms 

  3. A panel of international experts who can provide organisers with input and guidance on all aspects of the workshop organisation. Examples of areas where advice can be provided include: 

    • Research topics

    • Speakers, including advice on diversity and gender balance

    • Dissemination and outreach elements

    • Logistics

    • Soft skills components

    • Prizes (best talk etc) and workshop proceedings

    • Securing extra financial support (e.g. through Cost Actions)

The EuCAPT Workshops task force encourages researchers interested in setting up a program with EuCAPT sponsorship to contact them at their earliest convenience. A contact form is provided below for this purpose.

In selecting the programs to sponsor, EuCAPT will take into account:

  • the expected scientific impact and timeliness of the proposed program  

  • the attention and effort devoted to diversity aspects of the workshop, including (but not limited to) gender balance of speakers/attendees, geographical origin of speakers/attendees, career stage of speakers/attendees

  • the attention and effort devoted to enhancing dissemination and outreach activities during the program. EuCAPT strongly values the presence of an online component in a given program, such as streaming of plenary talks. The inclusion of an event dedicated to the general public is also strongly encouraged.


The Workshops Taskforce
Alejandro Ibarra, David J. Marsh, Federico Urban, Ilidio Lopes, Jackson Said, Matteo Fasiello

Contact the workshops task force

Get in touch to find out more about EuCAPT sponsorship of your workshop.

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