Contribute to the EuCAPT White paper

To  strengthen the coordination of Astroparticle Theory in Europe, the Steering Committee has initiated the procedure which will lead to a  White Paper (WP) addressed to the whole community and whose primary goal is to identify and focus on the opportunities in our field for the next decade. As such the White Paper will  emphasise  the upcoming theoretical opportunities and challenges,  with particular attention  on the possible synergies among the different fields. 

The following topics are to  be included in the White Paper: 


  • Astrostatistics: Christoph Weniger, Roberto Trotta

  • Dark Matter: Francesca Calore, David (Doddy) Marsh, Chris Byrnes

  • Dark Energy: Alessandra Silvestri, Julien Lesgourgues

  • Cosmic accelerators: Sera Markoff, Enrico Ramirez Ruiz, James Matthews

  • Traveling Messengers: Daniele Gaggero, Kumiko Kotera

  • Dynamical spacetimes: Rafael Porto, Philipp Moesta

  • Early universe: Daniel Baumann, Laura Covi

  • Nuclear Astrophysics: Tetyana Galatyuk, Tanja Hinderer

  • Neutrino Properties: Thomas Schwetz, Olga Mena

  • Particles from stars: Aldo Serenelli, Irene Tamborra

A  dedicated channel on the CERN Mattermost community platform has been generated, and  those interested in contributing to this effort are invited people to participate in the brainstorming sessions  at the EuCAPT annual Symposium at CERN from May 5 to 7, 2021.