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EuCAPT Task Forces

The EuCAPT Council, comprised of the EuCAPT representatives of the various member organisation, is organised into a number of Task Forces. These Task Forces play a key role in organising the activities of EuCAPT. Below you can find a summary of the Task Forces, as well as contact details for the Task Force chairs.

Collaborative Projects

Chair: Alvise Raccanelli (

The Collaborative Projects Task Force aims to coordinate research projects and initiatives which have a broad scope across the EuCAPT Community. This includes updating the EuCAPT White Paper; developing and maintaining repositories for code, tools and lectures; and identifying new opportunities for collaborative projects across the community. 


Chair: Anne Green (

The role of the Colloquia Task Force is to organise regular online colloquia, aimed at the entire EuCAPT community (across all science areas and career stages). These will cover topics of scientific interest, as well as topics in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and broader skills-based presentations. The colloquium schedule is available on the Events page.

Community Building

Chair: Jessica Turner (

The goal of the Community Building Task Force for EUCAPT is to cultivate a strong sense of connection and collaboration within our community of astroparticle theorists. Our primary focus is to understand the unique needs and interests of our members and to identify areas where we can improve, with a particular emphasis on enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. By implementing strategies to foster such engagement, improve communication, and encourage collaboration, we hope to build a supportive and inclusive community that can further EUCAPT's mission to advance astroparticle theory research.

Funding Opportunities

Chair: Gabriela Barenboim (

Locating the right funding opportunity to match your project can be challenging, let alone getting it! In the Funding Opportunities Task Force, we would like to accompany you all the way, not only by identifying all the resources available, but also by providing information and soft skills training.  We would also like to enlarge the Funding Opportunities by engaging with private organizations and pointing out the value of our research.


Chair: Francesca Calore (

The Governance Task Force is responsible for laying out the rules that govern EuCAPT and its entities, i.e. steering committee, council, etc., and the relationships with APPEC and the central hub (CERN). It is responsible for designing, in collaboration with the steering committee, the electoral procedures for the different roles at EuCAPT. The task force is also in charge of guaranteeing that the governance activities of EuCAPT, including the elections and the nominations of leadership roles, respect diversity and inclusivity.


Chair: Andrew Taylor (

The role of the Newsletter Task Force is to produce and distribute the EuCAPT Newsletter. This is a crucial communication channel for EuCAPT and contains news, information on job opportunities, notices about upcoming conferences and workshops, and links to the EuCAPT member 'community profiles'. You can sign up for the EuCAPT Newsletter here.


Chair: Jorge Martin Camalich (

The Outreach Task Force aims to raise awareness of the importance of outreach activities within the EuCAPT community; to facilitate the exchange of outreach resources; and to provide related training in soft skills (alongside the Training Task Force). The Outreach Task Force will collect information about ongoing outreach, as well as proactively initiating new outreach activities in theoretical astroparticle physics and cosmology.


Chair: Valerie Domcke (

The role of the Symposium Task Force is to provide input and guidance regarding all aspects of the organization of the annual symposium. In particular, to critically evaluate goals to be achieved by the symposium, collect feedback from participants and provide suggestions for the format of future symposiums. Details of the symposia can be found on the Events page.


Chair: Ema Dimastrogiovanni (

The role of the Training Task Force is to organise and maintain a database on the EuCAPT website regarding training activities, including but not limited to international master programmes, national PhD programmes, exchange programmes. Promote and organise activities in support of young researchers, such as PhD schools, day workshops on soft skills training, mentorship initiatives.


Chair: Katy Clough (

The role of the Website Task Force is to maintain and promote the EuCAPT Website, providing accessible up-to-date information both to the public and EuCAPT membership. As part of this, the Website Task Force produces a blog, with Video Profiles of prominent EuCAPT members, with the goal of encouraging engagement and cross-pollination across the EuCAPT Community.


Chair: Matteo Fasiello (

EuCAPT seeks to play an active role in sponsoring impactful international workshops on the most exciting new developments in astroparticle theory and cosmology. This activity is coordinated by the Workshops Task Force. For more details, visit our page on Workshop Sponsorship.

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