EuCAPT Virtual Colloquia

Monthly virtual colloquia of the European Consortium of Astroparticle Theory (1st Tuesday of the month at 11am CET). 


CERN Theory 

CERN-TH is making all events easily accessible to everyone, from standard seminars to informal “virtual coffees”, i.e. discussion sessions devoted to specific research areas. An updated list of events is available through our CERN-TH calendar. Clicking on the event title you will be directed to the corresponding Indico page with the Vidyo link. Everyone is welcome to join, but guests must sign up with their full names; anonymous participation is not allowed.


Joint colloquia between DESY and U. Hamburg, in the context of an Excellence Cluster. They take place on Tuesdays at 16:00 CET.


Elusives / HiDDeN Webinars

Webinar series organised in the framework of the Elusives ITN, spanning a variety of topics ranging from astroparticle physics and cosmology to colliders, model building and phenomenology related to dark matter, neutrinos, dark energy and other weakly interacting particles. Sessions are held every two weeks, on Tuesdays at 3pm (European Central Time), using the Blackboard Collaborate system. After the Elusives ITN ends, the webinars will continue in the framework of the a similar ITN called HiDDeN. 

Newton's Pendulum

Online seminars about phenomenology/theory/astro/cosmo, and more, organised by R. Franceschini, A. Hektor, K. Kannike, L. di Luzio, M. Nardecchia, P. Panci, M. Redi, A. Strumia, D. Teresi, A. Tesi, R. Torre, A. Urbano et al. No fixed dates, see link for schedule.

Newton's Pendulum

Astroparticle Physics webinars streamed with Adobe Connect, organised by M. Khlopov at VIA.