EuCAPT virtual colloquia

The consortium will broadcast a series of colloquia aimed at the entire EuCAPT community.


Follow this link to access the schedule of future colloquia, as well as video recordings of past events. 

EuCAPT annual symposium

The EuCAPT annual symposium is the flagship event of our consortium. It aims to provide an interdisciplinary Europe-wide forum to discuss opportunities and challenges in theoretical astroparticle physics and cosmology.

The first Annual Symposium is scheduled for 5th - 7th May 2021.

Applications for the Lightening Talks and Posters at the EuCAPT Symposium:

(submission deadline: 31st March 2021)

Other upcoming events & meetings:

COSPAR: 28th January - 4th February 2021, Australia

Les Houches Summer School 2021: Dark Matter: 26th July - 20th August 2021

ICRC: July, Germany

Community feedback meeting (APPEC)

An APPEC SAC sub-committee for Direct Dark Matter Detection has produced a report on which it now requests feedback from the community. The draft report aims to give a complete overview of the current status in the field of direct dark matter detection research as well as an outline of the prospects for experiments in the foreseeable future. It also addresses the issue of infrastructure requirements and the links to neighbouring research fields.

The APPEC sub-committee now invites the community to provide feedback on the report at an online town-hall meeting on Tuesday 2 February 2021. More information, including the report, can be found at

Past EuCAPT events: