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Community Profile: Claudia de Rham

Name: Claudia de Rham

Current position: Faculty

Affiliation: Imperial College London

Field of research: Theoretical Physics & Cosmology


What is your career trajectory to date?

I started as a PhD student at Cambridge University working on theoretical cosmology before moving onto postdoctoral positions at McGill, McMaster and at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. I then moved to Geneva under an SNSF-assistant professorship scheme, before being appointed as a faculty at Case Western Reserve University. I moved to Imperial College London in 2016.

What are the most exciting open questions in your research area?

How was the Universe created? What happened at the Big Bang and upon approaching a Black Hole singularity. What drives the late-time acceleration of the Universe and how is this consistent with standard field theory considerations.

What do you like and dislike about being a scientist?

Creativity and sharing ideas are some of the pros.

Which of your skills are you most proud of, or find most useful?


In your career so far, at what point were you the most excited, and what were you excited about?

Every day!


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