March Newsletter

Updated: May 17, 2021

Dear All,

Continuing our regular EuCAPT newsletters, this is our March issue.

The newsletter aim here is to keep you informed of recent/upcoming

theoretical astroparticle physics related developments, with focus on Europe.

General EuCAPT News:

Applications for the Lightening Talks and Posters at the EuCAPT Symposium [submission deadline: ***31 March 2021***]:

EuCAPT white paper:

Upcoming Events/Conferences/Workshops:

The EuCAPT webpage provides an up-to-date list of upcoming astroparticle

physics events:

Please note in particular the upcoming meetings: (5-7 May, EuCAPT Symposium, CERN)

(3-7 May 2021, Workshop on Gravitational Waves)

(20-29 June 2021, ISAPP Workshop "Gamma Rays to Shed Light on Dark Matter", Madrid) (12-23 July, ICRC, Germany) (26-30 July 2021, EPS-HEP Conference)

Upcoming Seminars Calendar:

A list of virtual meetings are provided on our calendar:

2021 Summer Schools:

Les Houches Summer School on Dark Matter:

ISAPP 2021, Neutrino Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology:

NBIA International PhD Summer School on Neutrinos:

Discussion Forum

We invite you to join our EuCAPT discussion forum on mattermost:

This has been set up to facilitate open discussion within our EuCAPT community.

Job Opportunities:

Our mattermost channel provides a list of job advertisements:

To facilitate information flow around our community, please feel to contact us with any information that you feel maybe suitable for circulation in future newsletters ( In particular, we encourage the community to indicate to us upcoming conferences and events which they would like us to advertise.

All the best,

Andrew (on behalf of the EuCAPT SC)